Friends of Holbeck Working Men’s Social Club

We are a group of local community minded folks interested in making Holbeck a better place in which to live and work.

The Social Club is under threat due to lack of members , it is underused and suffering from the economic downturn. Our mission is to help where we can in lifting the profile of the club and generally offering help and support.

Our first task was to help tidy the grounds of the club and on Gala day Saturday 21st July we have assisted the club to enable local bands to showcase their talents. From 5pm several bands recruited by Mark from Chapel Studios ( Kaiser Chiefs birth place) will perform.  Please support this event and let’s put the club on the map as a great entertainment venue .


About Voice of Holbeck

We're a local residents' group which meets regularly to discuss local issues in the area
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One Response to Friends of Holbeck Working Men’s Social Club

  1. lyn minskip says:

    When does the Club open, and do they have any activities on during the day ie Bingo that I could bring a group to.

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